Dipl. Ing. Thomas Heubel, CEO

Thomas started his career in the construction industry in 1992. After graduating with a Master's Degree in civil engineering, he joined the engineering department of one of Germany's leading construction companies. Having been involved in the design of several bridge and tunnel projects, Thomas encountered the enthralling world of prestressed concrete and took his first steps in this field within DSI's headquarters in Munich, Germany. As a technical consultant and project manager, he gained much international experience through supporting and advising clients and subsidiaries, mainly in the Far East and South America. He expanded his skills in the field of construction methodology, as well as bridge design and engineering, whilst with Thyssen RöRo Bautechnik GmbH where he was responsible for the worldwide sales, design and operation of advancing shoring and heavy duty falsework. An ever-enthusiastic and committed engineer, Thomas joined VORSPANN-TECHNIK GmbH in 1998. After reorganizing the German branch, he was appointed CEO in 2004. Having been one of the driving forces behind the setting up of BBR VT International Ltd, in Switzerland, he was elected to the board of directors in 2005 and, since 2009, also works as a member of the supervisory board of BBR Polska. Thomas was born in 1964 and is currently based in Munich.

Bernd Hilger, CFO

After an economic-founded education Bernd began his career working on building sites as a commercial project manager, where he started developing his skills in on-site resource management. In 1993, he became Branch Manager of ED. ZÜBLIN AG in Freising, Germany where he quickly expanded his abilities in strategic, organization, contracting, legal contract matters, as well as accounting and costing. In 1996, his next step was to join PORR in Salzburg, Austria, where he was a member of the local management team and managed a number of subsidiary companies. It was at this time, that he first came into contact with VORSPANN-TECHNIK. In 2001, he moved to PORR in Munich, where he managed the civil engineering group of PORR in Germany as well as being CFO of VORSPANN-TECHNIK in Salzburg and Munich. Since 2009, when VORSPANN-TECHNIK became a member of KB Group, he has worked exclusively as part of VT’s management. Bernd was born in 1963 and raised in the south of Munich where he still lives today with Barbara, his wife.

Quality assured services

KB Vorspann-Technik is certified to ISO 9001:2008 which provides our customers with assurance about the standards we maintain within our business. We continuously strive to exceed these standards - and our customers’ expectations - in the provision of quality services.