Focus on quality assurance

We assure top quality execution for our customer’s construction projects, allowing them to profit from the optimization potential we offer during the planning and building process. We can react to any requirements and demands, thanks to our modern equipment pool, our own equipment workshop and the continuous expansion of our service & product line. This is quality that speaks for itself.

U2/6 Donaumarina Bridge (Austria)

Highest customer satisfaction

At KB Vorspann-Technik, customer satisfaction is important to us and we continuously strive to deliver the highest possible level of service to our customers.

KB Vorspann-Technik is certified to ISO 9001:2015 which provides our customers with assurance about the standards we maintain within our business. We continuously work to exceed these standards – and our customers’ expectations – in the provision of quality services.

BBR PT Specialist

In addition, we are a BBR PT Specialist Company which means that we are qualified to use the latest internationally approved systems and can apply best practice from the BBR Network around the world.

Our work is supported by use of the BBR Factory Production Control system which provides the highest product quality standards – and full component traceability, the most direct way of ensuring quality. An integral part of this process is BBR E-Trace – a comprehensive e-commerce platform which leads users through the quality process, ensuring that each step is documented and recorded.

Our investment in quality assurance is a continuous process covering the entire life of our products and services.

BBR PT Specialist Company

KB Vorspann-Technik is a BBR PT Specialist Company which means we are qualified – through regular training and an annual certification process – to install European Approved Post-Tensioning Kits. This certification carries with it a guarantee of quality – of our service, as well as the technology we use. Quality is assured through the BBR E-Trace online quality assurance program which ensures ultimate traceability of components from manufacture to installation.