BBR VT CONA CMM Two/Four monostrand post-tensioning system

The European approved CONA® CMM Two and Four post-tensioning system is a monostrand system for internally unbonded applications. The standard tendons have 2 or 4 strand configurations. Typical applications include suspended slabs of any building structure, slabs on ground but also special applications such as water treatment plants and silos.

Coupler H
Greased & sheathed monostrand

Anchorage configuration

The main components in the anchor zone of the CONA CMM system are the wedges, monolithic anchorage and individual transition tubes. The anchoring of the strand and load transfer to the concrete is carried out with one and the same unit, allowing for a high economy, small centre and edge distances at the anchorages, as well as application of the full post-tensioning load at very low concrete strengths.

Fixed and stressable couplers

CONA CMM Four tendons can be coupled using propriety Type H sleeve coupler, whereas the couplers can serve as a stressing/active anchorage coupler (Type S) or fixed/passive anchorage coupler (Type F) during the first construction stage.

Corrosion protection

For CONA CMM Two and Four applications, the monostrands are greased/waxed and individually sheathed in a factory with a continuously extruded HDPE sheathing.