Benchmark for prestressed concrete technology

An introduction to KB Vorspann-Technik GmbH

KB stands for growing competence and plays a significant role in the highly specialized market for prestressed concrete technology in Europe. Our Norwegian parent company was founded in 1965, as Kongsvinger Betongindustri, in the town of Kongsvinger northeast of Oslo.

In recent years, the KB group has successfully been driving forward Europe's growth in the construction sector and, today, the company is one of the leading prestressing technology specialists within the European construction industry.

KB Vorspann-Technik works internationally in close cooperation with our Norwegian sister company KB Spennteknikk and Polish sister company BBR Polska. We are also part of the worldwide BBR Network, operating in more than 50 countries and one of the leading suppliers and installers for stay cable and post-tensioning systems, as well as construction methodology.

The KB Group intends to strengthen this leading position by a clear focus on making the KB brand the recognized benchmark for professionalism and building competence and, particularly, for specialist knowledge in the field of prestressed concrete technology.

We look forward to working with you, as your prestressing technology specialist, on your future projects.