"Knoten Prater"-Junction in Vienna

PT works on 5 bridges

Since 2014, the "Knoten Prater“-Junction (Vienna, Austria) on the A23 motorway is being rebuilt. In total, 5 new bridges are constructed, while 2 existing bridges are replaced. KB Vorspann-Technik has been given the contract for the PT works of the new bridges. End of October this year, the PT works at the fourth bridge (the B0205 East-Bridge) were completed on time. The works had started in early summer this year with the demolition and removal of the existing bridge over the Danube-Channel. A total of 7.100m of BBR VT CMI 1506 tendons had to be installed. Finally, stressing and grouting of all 90 nos tendons could be finished in 1 ½ weeks. The opening of the bridge will take place by the end of this year.

In 2016, the last and fifth bridge will be built like the same type as the B0206 East-Bridge.