New BBR HiAm CONA brochure

Extended range of technology - HiEx Saddle & Pin Connector

We are proud to introduce, through our new BBR HiAm CONA Strand Stay Cable System brochure, an extended technology range which now features BBR HiEx CONA Saddles and BBR HiAm CONA Pin Connectors.

The BBR HiEx CONA Saddle completely eliminates problems associated with standard friction saddles and, at the same time, allows for a compact and slender pylon. Meanwhile, the BBR HiAm CONA Pin Connector blends strength with beauty and offers aesthetic, as well as technical benefits.

For full information about the advantages offered by our extended technology range, please either request from your local BBR Network representative or download a copy of our brochure 'Elegance and Strength – The extended BBR HiAm CONA family'.